Live in the Payment, Not the Price

Live in the Payment, Not the Price

February 7, 2021

Live in the Payment, Not the Price

Has all this time spent at home got you daydreaming about a new space? That dream might not be so farfetched. Even if you had no intention of making a move or selling your home at the beginning of 2020, a move could prove to be quite lucrative for you today.

To show you how making a move right now can pay off down the line, I’m outlining a couple mortgage scenarios that demonstrate the big impacts that occur from small changes in interest rates. The mortgage payment is what sticks with you — not the price of the home, which is why many are opting to buy while rates are at record lows. You’ll also learn about the market factors that have made this season a seller’s time to shine, with homes selling quickly at increased prices.

With sellers getting top dollar for their previous home and a low mortgage payment on their new home, I’ll be here to walk you through your options when it comes to buying or selling during these times. Not buying or selling at this time? Share this information with someone you know — I am here to serve!

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