Find Out What Your Home Would Appraise at

Find Out What Your Home Would Appraise at

October 23, 2020

FREE APPRAISAL – Find Out Your Home’s Value!
It’s a Strong Seller’s Market in Phoenix and This May Be Your BEST Window of Opportunity to Sell!
Oct. 23, 2020

Valuing homes can be complicated and there are many considerations, over and above the area sales and what other properties have sold at. We look at amenities, improvements, upgrades, features, repairs needed, and of course supply and demand plays a role in considering how much you can sell your home for.

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During this busy market, appraisal prices seem to be going out the door and many buyers are offering over appraised value to get homes under contract. Why? There is not a lot of inventory for the average buyer and the market is tight. There is about one and a half months’ worth of inventory available and a normal market would be nine months. In addition, we have people moving to Arizona daily. I remember a year ago reading an article that stated 200 people move here daily and we are one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

I have partnered with Fairway Mortgage – Team Green/Reggie Green, to bring this great service to you. This is a new tool for Arizona homeowners interested in a free short form appraisal evaluation directly from an appraisal management company.

Simply click the link below and complete the following fields and voila! You will receive your valuation within 24-48 hours. A screen shot of the page is below the link so you can see how easy this is.
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