What Today's Homebuyers Are Looking For
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What Today’s Homebuyers Are Looking For

December 1, 2018

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you might be wondering what you can do to prepare your home in a way that makes it attractive to potential buyers. To be able to achieve this, you’ll need to have a sense of what today’s homebuyers are looking for in their purchases.

Here’s some information from a realtor in Scottsdale, AZ about the current trends we’re seeing in homebuyers and what it is they’re searching for in homes.


Today’s homebuyers are not as obsessed with huge homes as they used to be. In fact, 2016 was the first year since 2011 that average home size declined in purchases. In addition, the number of homes with four bedrooms and three-car garages has steadily decreased.

Buyers are, however, still looking for open floor plans, a trend that is not expected to go anywhere anytime soon. Clear sight lines and large rooms that combine a dining area, kitchen and family room are all things homebuyers really love. In addition, having the flexibility to accommodate changing needs in the family is also important to homebuyers.

General interior design and space trends

Today’s home buyers tend to be looking for modern spaces that are not too edgy. People like contemporary living spaces, so long as they are not too outrageous or “hip.” They like their spaces to be filled with natural light, and enjoy simplicity—clean designs, not too much clutter.

In areas where lighting is used throughout the home, it’s often being used just as much for purposes of drama and aesthetics as it is for function. Energy efficiency is also a big trend, both in terms of lighting and appliances.
Storage space is also near the top of the list of must-haves for homebuyers. As Americans are looking to reduce clutter, storage space in ample closets and basement areas is crucial.

Texture is big right now on interior walls—think shiplap (you can thank HGTV’s Fixer Upper for that), urban-inspired brick, wainscoting and other types of texture.


Kitchens are a focal point for buyers, and right now people want spacious kitchens with large islands in the middle that serve as both a focal point and a functional hub for food prep. People want more outlets and USB ports, as well as smart kitchen items.

White is dominating when it comes to kitchen colors. White cabinets or warm-tone woods are more in demand than ever before, and light-colored quartz countertops are also huge. This all helps provide a smooth, clean, open look that resonates with today’s buyers. And again, storage is important for the homebuyer of today, including in the kitchen.


Simplicity of design extends to the bathroom as well, where people enjoy a streamlined look and functionality. Buyers no longer are interested in jetted tubs—they’re favoring large, luxurious showers instead. In terms of design, polished chrome and satin nickel have given way to new faucet and fixture finishes, such as brushed gold and matte black. Large-format tiles are popular on the floors, as are unique patterns.

For more information about some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in terms of what homebuyers are looking for, contact Deanna Peters, realtor in Scottsdale, AZ today.

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